New Media Expo 2014 Photos and Highlights

The best part about the first day at a New Media Expo is seeing old friends. The second is making new ones. I also had the pleasure of attending some wonderful sessions. If you haven’t gotten the virtual ticket to NMX yet, you should, just to see these.

Opening Keynote with Lynette Young

I’m not saying that Lee Odden wasn’t great and I love him but Lynette blew me away. I was fortunate to be able to spend time with her that evening at the Atlantic City Alliance reception.

Lynette Young delivering opening keynote for NMX photo by Linda Sherman

Lynette Young delivering opening keynote for NMX

Lynette Young Linda Sherman and Amanda Blain NMX 2014

Lynette Young @LynetteRadio, Linda Sherman @LindaSherman, Amanda Blain @AmandaBlain

Pat Flynn Tore Up the House

The room Pat was in was unfortunately too small so many people could not get in. The people fighting to get in was a demonstration of the top of his pyramid called raving fans.

Audience at Pat Flynn Super Session Jan 4

Audience at Pat Flynn Super Session Jan 4

Pat Flynn uses his wife’s being a raving fan for the Backstreet Boys as an example for how to create a raving fan. Their target market is teenage girls between 13 and 18. What happens to teenage girls between 13 and 18? They break up with their boy friends. BSB writes a song about break ups for them. Quit Playing Games With My Heart. Every line in the lyric appeared to be speaking to her. It connected with her. They get me! They were speaking directly to her. If you can describe the problem better than your customer they will assume you have the solution. Every fan thinks the song was written for them. This particular story focuses on moving a fan at the beginning of the pyramid from a casual audience to an active audience.

Pat Flynn with his raving fans pyramid NMX 2014 photo by Linda Sherman

Pat Flynn @PatFlynn with his raving fans pyramid

Pat Flynn with Linda Sherman NMX

Pat Flynn @PatFlynn caught just following his amazing presentation

photo by Linda Sherman NMX John Kenney with Pat Flynn

John Kenney @johnnykaudio with Pat Flynn

Cynthia Sanchez Pinterest Tips is Enough Justification to Buy the NMX Virtual Ticket

If you weren’t there you missed a super informative session. Cynthia is a model for something I strive to do in my presentations which is to pack my presentation with actionable information and useful tips. Cynthia packed a tip with every sentence. I’m not even going to tell what they were. So at least that her fans in the room can get a head start on you. Buy the ticket!

In the meantime you can follow Cynthia on Twitter at @OSPinteresting, Pinterest and her website Oh So Pinteresting.

NMX Cynthia Sanchez Oh So Pinteresting presenting photo by Linda Sherman

Cynthia Sanchez with pinnable quotes slide

Cynthia Sanchez Pinterest expert at the NMX podium

Cynthia Sanchez Pinners Start Your Engines NMX

Pinners Start Your Engines

Here are some photos of Cynthia with her raving fans

Traci Antonovich @thekitchengirl with Cynthia Sanchez

Traci Antonovich @thekitchengirl with Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez with Julie  Fry and Cynthia's husband

Cynthia Sanchez @OSPinteresting with Julie Fry @mompreneurtips, and Cynthia’s husband

Punk Video Panel Moderated by Tim Street with Michael Terpin, Glenn Ginsburg and Greg Benson

I actually cried during the Carrie Youtube video that Glenn Ginsburg had produced for Sony with Thinkmodo. It was that good. 52 million shares. AFTER you watch the video see my what might be a spoiler footnote* at the end of this section. If you were at NMX, you’ll remember Greg Benson from the closing keynote.

Linda Sherman NMX with Glenn Ginsburg

Glenn Ginsburg @glennjgi of Alliance Content Marketing

*the patrons were actors, both professional and recruited from nearby so there were no heart attacks and the venue did not suffer any non-return patrons. The venue had a surge of business because of the video.

Penn Jillette Did a Fabulous Closing Keynote the First Day

Penn Jillette NMX

Penn’s keynote revealed him as an authentic lovely person. I am not usually a fan of “horror films” but after attending this keynote I will certainly be watching Penn Jillette’s movie, Director’s Cut. Aside from having lovable Penn in it, the film integrates social media (including Vine) as well as crowd funding into the plot.

Linda Sherman with Penn Jillette NMX

Yay! I got a photo with Penn Jillette @PennJillette – one of the cool benefits of attending NMX

Scott Stratten Killed It Once Again at His Jan 5 Morning Keynote

I have had the pleasure of seeing Scott Stratten present more than once. He is fabulous. Caught up with him at the Atlantic City Alliance Reception Jan 4th evening. You should love his UnPodcast and his books published by Wiley. He presented not only at the NMX keynote but at two other sessions. If you missed any of them, you can catch up with the NMX virtual ticket.

Scott Stratten with Linda Sherman NMX

Scott Stratten @Unmarketing at the Atlantic City Reception

Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer nmx photo by Linda Sherman

Scott Stratten @UnMarketing with his UnPodcast partner and co-author Alison Kramer

Bob Jenkins BobtheTeacher with Scott Stratten

Bob Jenkins @BobTheTeacher with Scott Stratten

Jay Soderberg @TheRealPodVader and Scott Stratten

Jay Soderberg and Scott Stratten. I met Jay when he had just transferred to social media within ESPN at Social TV Summit Nov 2012.

Amanda Blain Rocked Her GooglePlus Session

Amanda’s session was packed even though it was at the end of the day on the last day of NMX. (Amanda, Victor Harwood at Digital Hollywood does this to my session almost every time I present there. You can take it as a complement that they know you will fill the room anyway).

Amanda had nice solid G+ tips. She delivered with wit and grace in spite of a report that she was ill.

Paparazzi shooting Amanda Blain before her GooglePlus presentation: Lori Moreno, KristiTrimmer, Calvin Lee, Richard Krawczyk, Adam Helwehphoto by Linda Sherman

Paparazzi shooting Amanda Blain @AmandaBlain before her GooglePlus presentation: Lori Moreno @LoriMoreno KristiTrimmer @DragonFlyTweet Calvin Lee @MayhemStudios Richard Krawczyk @MrBluePrint. Adam Helweh @SecretSushi supervising.

Amanda Blain presenting at NMX 2014 photo by Linda Sherman

Amanda Blain taking a question

The Atlantic City Alliance Reception Had Great Food and I Got a Photo with Miss America!

Find them @VisitAC #DOAC (Elizabeth Cartmell – you need to add this to your business card). My husband, Ray Gordon, was born in Atlantic City so I have been there multiple times. They now face competition from surrounding areas that have opened casinos so give they are fighting back with attractions. Seeking online support from NMX attendees is a great idea. Next time they will bring more tiaras. Elizabeth said that they always put them out on the table but they usually get ignored. Our group grabbed them quickly and even men were wearing them. Tim Street says he was the first one.

Linda Sherman with Miss America from NYC

Yay! A photo with Miss America

Ruth and Miss America

Ruthy Otero @RuthyOtero and Miss America

Stephanie with Miss America

Stephanie with Miss America

photo by Linda Sherman NMX Tim Street wearing tiara with Elizabeth Cartmell ACA

Tim Street @1TimStreet wearing tiara with Elizabeth Cartmell

photo by linda sherman NMX Aaron Hockley w Amanda Blain

Aaron Hockley @ahockley with @AmandaBlain

Chris Heuer with Linda Sherman NMX

Chris Heuer @ChrisHeuer made it to NMX in spite of an injury and weather travel conditions so that he could speak at NMX.

Adryenn Ashley with Jared Rauso, Kyle Copeland and Clark Buckner NMX photo by Linda Sherman

The dynamic Adryenn Ashley with Jared Rauso, Kyle Copeland and Clark Buckner

Speed Dating Allowed Attendees to Have Scheduled One on One Chats

photo by linda sherman NMX speed dating shareengine founder

Share Engine founder Christopher Hussey with Pamela Herrmann and Laura Herrmann

photo by linda sherman go army NMX speed dating

Go Army!

photo by Linda Sherman NMX speed dating Feedblitz

Phil Hollows @PHollows and Heather Solos @HeatherSolos Feedblitz @Feedblitz

photo by Linda Sherman Modnique at NMX


Here are photos I took/got taken with my camera in the halls of NMX

Jennifer Kelton @BadOnlineDates kissing Calvin Lee NMX 2014 photo by Linda Sherman

Jennifer Kelton @BadOnlineDates kissing Calvin Lee @MayhemStudios

Mike Stelzner with Nina Amir NMX photo by Linda Sherman

Mike Stelzner @Mike_Stelzner with Nina Amir @NinaAmir

Gina Carr, Terry Brock, Linda Sherman, Andrea Vahl and Vanessa Bogehold NMX

@GinaCarr, @TerryBrock, @LindaSherman, @AndreaVahl and Vanessa Bogehold

Chris Brogan and Linda Sherman NMX 2014

@ChrisBrogan. Chris Brogan and I usually get a hugging photo at every NMX. This time we did a prom photo. Chris is looking great. Follow his activities with his work-out trainer!

Calvin Lee and Linda Sherman NMX 2014

Calvin Lee @MayhemStudios Always a delight!

Dave Taylor writes for AskDaveTaylor, film and single male parenting NMX CESZ

Dave Taylor @DaveTaylor Writes for AskDaveTaylor, film, single male parenting and CEA. Attention single 40 – 50 year old women in Colorado. Dave Taylor defines “good man” not to mention, smart and a joy to be around.

Deb Cole with Linda Sherman NMX 2014

@CoachDeb Deb Cole Social Media Community Manager for NMX

Deb Cole @CoachDeb NMX Community Manager with Jenn Leon NMX Media Relations Director photo by Linda Sherman

Deb Cole @CoachDeb NMX Community Manager with Jenn Leon NMX Media Relations Director

Taken at Lunch at NMX Another Great Gathering Opportunity

Lori Moreno, Kristi Trimmer, Linda Sherman, Warren Whitlock and Richard Krawczyk NMX

Lori Moreno @LoriMoreno, Kristi Trimmer @Dragon @DragonFlyTweet, Linda Sherman, Warren Whitlock @WarrenWhitlock and Richard Krawczyk @TheMrBlueprint

Meeting People Before and After In the Room NMX Sessions

Charlie Poznek and Linda Sherman NMX

Charlie Poznek Boomer Business Owner spotted my Boomer Tech Talk badge and gave me his card at the end of one of the sessions.

Meeting People in the Exhibitor Space Including the Sponsors That Support NMX Happening

Martin Jones and Linda Sherman NMX 2014

Finally meet Martin Jones @MartinJonesAZ in person yay

Wiley booth NMX 2014 Paul Chen Peter Knox photo by Linda Sherman

Great guys at the Wiley booth Paul Chen @of_Mice_andChen and Peter Knox @peterknox @WileyBiz

WordPress Happiness Bar photo by Linda Sherman NMX 2014

WordPress Happiness Bar – always great to have you!

WPEngine at NMX 2014 photo by Linda Sherman

WPEngine – I use this server host for clients whenever I can. Center: @AustinGunter

Puracyn NMX 2014 photo by Linda Sherman

Puracyn – Wound care is a nice product, already used my sample.

Go Army NMX 2014 photo by Linda Sherman

Go Army @GoArmy always nice to have you at NMX!

Tech Zulu Amanda Coolong. Photo by Linda Sherman NMX 2014

Tech Zulu Amanda Coolong @aCoolong interviewing @SuperKnockedUp’s Jeff Burns. Thank you for the live stream Efren!

I WILL be posting these photos on Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter etc. so please wait for that rather than grabbing screen shots. Thank you! I will also be updating this post. The link to the virtual ticket is an affiliate link. I post an occasional affiliate link for a few things that I love – but ONLY for things I love.

About Linda Sherman

International, multicultural marketing pro, Linda brings a distinguished background of international subsidiary CEO/CMO to her Social Marketing expertise. These include CEO Club Med Japan, Barilla Japan and CMO Wal-Mart Japan. Linda Sherman has been featured and quoted in Forbes, The New York Times, Christian Monitor and other leading publications. She devised and implemented an innovative guerrilla-marketing plan for ZIMA in Japan that produced a lasting, profitable success. Linda has hands-on technical skills in building and search optimizing WordPress websites and an influential on-line presence. Linda teaches social marketing for business at the University of Hawaii. Her company, The Courage Group, provides websites, digital film, branding and social marketing strategy and training. Linda is also a personal branding coach.

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  • Linda C Adams

    Great post and fabulous photos, Linda! LOVED the Carrie Youtube video produced by Glenn Ginsburg for Sony. Wow! Looks like NMX was a success! Congratulations!
    ~Linda C Adams

    • Thanks for taking a look Linda. NMX is still going on through Monday! Love it because there are so many interesting people here.

      • Linda C Adams

        And BTW, you look absolutely lovely in all of the photos, Linda! You are a natural beauty!!!

  • Linda you are absolutely a gift to have in my life! I love seeing NMX (all these years!) through your eyes!

    • You are such a sweetheart Lynette. It has been a delight to watch your continued success over the years I have known you. I’m so glad that you like the photo of you with Amanda and I.

  • phollows

    Great seeing you again, Linda, and thank you so much for the photos!

  • TerryBrock

    Great photos and recap of the event, Linda. Thank you for sharing this. Great to see you! Domo arigato!

  • WOW.. so many memories.. thanks for this epic post

    • It was great to see you Warren. Glad to have caught you in a photo! Thank you for the ride back from Michael Terpin’s CES start-up event.

  • Gazalla Gaya

    I enjoyed NMX through your eyes, Linda! Thanks for this. I wish that they had a session on the East Coast – in fact one in Atlantic City would be great! I attended their last one on the East Coast in NY in 2012. But they’ve had it for 2 years in a row in Atlantic City. Looks like they really like the venue.

    • Thank you Gazalla! I think you mean Las Vegas in your second reference to Atlantic City. It can be confusing when a NMX big sponsor this year was Atlantic City. I have been to every NMX since they began (originally called BlogWorld) except for the very first one (my first was in 2008) and most of them have been in Vegas. They have been in NYC twice and Los Angeles once. If the people in Los Angeles would come out and support a conference, they may have repeated that. I was very disappointed because it would be great to have NMX in LA where the weather is great and you don’t get assaulted by cigarette smoke. Las Vegas has great room rates and apparently a great many people are willing to travel there. On the plus side, they time NMX so that you can easily attend CES afterwards but on the minus side of that 7 straight days in Vegas that I just did is too long in Vegas. 4 days would be about right. I did figure out that if I can stay at a hotel where I can open the window, as I did at the Riviera, after I moved from the RIO for CES, I feel way better. The year NMX was at the Mandalay Bay, everyone was very happy.

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  • I came across this link again today, and I really enjoyed the reminder on how much fun NMX was. Thanks for capturing all of these images!

    • Thank you so much Clark. My apologies for the slow reply.

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